Around the shop

Mike starts up the engines

Being a mechanic, Mike has always loved engines.The radial aircraft engines remind him of the Harley. He has a museum quality collection that includes 10 Lycomings and the impressive 4360 Pratt and Whitney.

Give us a call to schedule a start up - $200 for the thrill of a lifetime!

Mike delves into metal art

Mike Nieman has always been fascinated with everything mechanical. At an early age, he began tinkering with his bike, transforming his mini bike into a chopper. In 1982 he opened his own auto mechanic shop in St. Helena, California. He worked hard and played hard, enjoying life to the fullest. In 1997 he bought a Harley, put a "For Rent" sign on it, and began "Nieman's Motorcycle Rentals", still in operation today. Early on, Mike began to paint in his spare time, creating beautiful landscapes in acrylic and watercolor. His artistic talent began to shine. At high school, he excelled in mechanical drafting and welding. He began to combine these two crafts that he loved - mechanics and art - culminating in some amazing art work. Creating art, with recycled old mechanical parts, is one of Mike's passions. "The most fun", he says, "is the search for materials to work with." He enjoys spending time at junk yards and scouring the area for old barns harboring hidden treasures.